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White Powder Triad - Customer Testimonials
We first took your White Powder Triad about 5 months ago. We both believe it has helped us sail through the flu season without catching anything, and the benefits we are about report, and very pleasing. First of all, we both feel better than we have in years, and we can both work longer, deal with more stress and in general, live life more fully, without the total exhaustion that we used to experience. We are more together emotionally, and more in touch with ourselves, and each other, thus more in touch with others, as a result. Several ailments we had each been experiencing, seem to have been eliminated. The speed with which we both read and write seems to have improved also. Thank you for allowing us to have access to this unmatched substance.

Judith and Edward

Sydney, Australia

Hello Pam,

Thanks for getting my order to me so quickly. After 3 bottles of the Triad, I am delighted with my results so far. I have just had a visit with my doctor and found out that my tumor is about half the size that it was 6 months ago. Nothing else has changed, so I have to believe that it is because of the Triad. My doctor said that he has no explanation for it, but that what ever it is I am doing, keep it up. Thanks again, and you may put this on your website.

Kyle W
Margate, FL.

hey guys, while feeling a bit punk from a cold, i actually went to the doc today prepared to cave into another round of meds. low and behold. although my Tcells are still in the danger zone, my viral measurement (virus in blood stream) has dropped by two-thirds! (from 72,500 last month to 27,000). even the pitiful Tcells have increased by a small amount. this is something medicine doesn't even acknowledge as possible; so even my doc suggested i just keep on doing whatever it is i'm doing. pretty sweet, huh? so, thank you, i'm very encouraged.


(Note from This person is taking both White Powder Triad and White Powder Gold. We would be glad to discuss amounts by telephone at (423) 877-2478 ask for Pam.