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White Powder Gold - Customer Testimonials
"in a word, YES my perception or consciousness seems oddly 'enhanced' or 'expanded' - also in social settings I feel like I am 'above' the general 'psychological noise floor' of the crowd. Other people, even casual acquaintances, remark on my improvement in general personality [I seem 'happier'] hmmmmmm....dreams seem more pleasant and positive; sleep is more restful. cheers"
- Gary

"As to where to get some, I can recommend The proprietor is a member of this list and is also recommended by Sir Gardner (I'll let him introduce himself if he wants). I've used his product and it is very well done. And he does fair and good business also. I've made the white powder of gold myself and would say that considering the amount of work involved to get it right, his prices are much more than fair. Making white powder of copper is easy and a confidence builder, but making the Hydrogen Auride precipitate is challenging at the very least.

As to effects two words come first: "subtle" and "powerful". Frankly, if one watched an hour of television a day one could drink a glassful of the white precipitate and not notice it. Okay, okay, I'm exaggerating; probably a lot. Nevertheless, the use of the MFKZT was and/or is always used in combination with and as an aid to the cultivation of subtle or inner energy. If one is doing any one of a variety of different schools of cultivation practice then the effects are very strong. How strong? example is: I had been doing NeiKung-like standing and setting meditations daily for two years with the intention of opening the microcosmic orbit. After receiving my first bottle of David Carver's White Powder Gold, I held four (4) drops on my tongue while I set in meditation. Ten minutes later I saw clearly for the first time what the microcosmic orbit was and how to properly circulate it. Is the orbit at full power? Of course not, it takes years of daily practices to loosen the flow so it can move powerfully. But did the Hydrogen Auride do any thing? may the difference between night and day for the internal energy practice within minutes in a minute dose. Your results may vary.

What would be harder to miss is the slow increase of hair and nail "vigor". Other effects one might wonder if thing like positive effects on libido and feelings of energy and clarity is a placebo response or positive thinking, but the hair and nails thing is objective. It also changed my understanding of my dreams and revolutionized my idea of time and the whose-life-is-it-anyway? question within two weeks at four (4) drops a day. Again, your results may vary."
- Tyco

"Hi Guys, Just wanted to say that, I'm getting my MOJO back :) I am beginning to see..."
- Gabe

"David & Pam, Hope all is well! I have been noticing the beginnings of some major changes! Stronger hair, healthier nails, even some skin problems slowly healing. A clearer mind.... a calmer demeanor. Thank You, and bless you for your work! I will keep you posted."
Warmest Regards, Gabe

"Dear Pam,

I am now on my 4th bottle of white powered gold. I began taking it after hearing about it from Laurence Gardner.

The skin on my cheeks was beginning to look like 'orange peel' which is how my 83 year mother's skin is. However, since taking white powder gold everyone is commenting that my skin is looking fresher and younger, the 'orange peel' dimply texture is smoothing out and - my lines are disappearing.

I have just celebrated my 60th birthday. In London we get a Freedom Pass on reaching 60 which gives free travel on buses and underground trains. It is grate fun but I do get suspicious looks from the bus conductors who can't believe that I am now 60!

My energy levels have also increased. I work 10 - 12 hours a day and yet, since taking white powder gold I am feeling great energy wise and everyone comments on how much energy I have.

So thank you for this fantastic product"
- Jeannie, London

I just want to say that I have definitely noticed the alchemists noted 'spiritual' transformation. It has provided me with mental clarity and a healthy energy field which has helped produce strength and focus. I very much recommend pairing it with a health-conscious attitude and diet. This stuff works! Keep it going and thanks again!!
- Michael
Although all of us, who are taking the white powder gold or now the white powder platinum, should know; we are travelling in uncharted waters.

I thought it might help all of us who are experimenting to reflect back to what we already know. David Hudson maintained that the first time they used the powder was on his doctor s dog, the next was the Aids patient and both were cured. It is important to remember which white powder they used first and how much, Also probably as important, how it was administered. David says they used the powder from the palladium group, (White Powder Platinum) 2 milligrams administered intravenously. With a little detective work we can hopefully discover the dosage, when we take it orally.

I personally felt I could not verbally force my beliefs about the white powder gold on people I know, without trying it first on myself. Which I did, and have taken it for forty days short of a year. (The reason I have stopped taking the white powder gold is to begin taking the white powder platinum.) I have had no side effects from the gold, in that time. I did raise my dosage to 6 drops each day for the last two weeks taken in one hit each morning. My reasoning for taking a higher dosage was when you ingest a small amount of something it probably doesn't all get into your blood stream.

Because of good health when I started taking it, I personally cannot say how good it is but if others around me are anything to go by the white powder gold could be a thing of the future. My wife who began taking it at the same time as I did, but who only took it for 8 mouths, has not had a migraine since. Our driver who takes us to the airport took it and within 4 weeks his eczema had gone. My brother, who has been taking four drops a day for twenty-four weeks, has been of ill health for a long time and contracted MRSA (Hospital Superbug) which left him in hospital for four months with influenza. Because of his other illnesses the superbug had a field day and anybody that s ill has a hard job to shake it off. He did which seemed to surprise the doctors.

However the gold does not seem to work on everyone and I now believe this is due to the fact that each one of us should correct our alkaline levels first. This can be done with Coral Calcium which I am told is the best of it s kind. First a litmus test should be taken and if your body s acidity levels are too high, the Coral Calcium can bring the levels back into balance. When your alkaline levels are correct, then you can start taking the white powder gold. But beware - we are all guinea pigs and I'm not a doctor.

The ancient Egyptian Pharaohs use to take the powder in bread the size and shape of a large modern day ice cream cornet. What we don t know is how much powder was baked into the bread. When ancient people wanted to get something into their blood stream quickly the only way they could do it was by fasting, then take their medicine. Think of how many people in the bible went into the desert and fasted for forty days and forty nights - all the leaders did it. Remember Moses came down from Mount Sinai (or as is now believed, Mount Horeb) and went into a rage because the Israelites were worshipping a golden calf. Moses burned the golden calf to powder in the Ark of the Covenant and then made them eat it. From what we know now, it sounds as if he was doing them all a favour. Not a penance.

Using four drops a day, a half an ounce bottle of white powder gold should last approximately forty days, which is about six weeks. Six weeks was the time it took David Hudson s doctor to cure the dog and the Aids patient. Today when we say we are going away, we would say for forty days, not using the forty nights as ancients did. Could it mean that they were going to be taking the gold powder twice a day whilst fasting? This is just a thought.

I am not a doctor, and I am trying this at my own risk.

Reg Presley UK

My ten year old son Alex has been suffering from from ADHD since he was a tiny child. He was practically born running. Needless to say, his hyper-activity drove me insane and had a disruptive effect in his classroom. I was always being called in to discuss his behaviour. Despite his inability to sit down and focus, I was aware that he was a particularly bright child due to his articulate speech and astute observations, however, he was doing poorly in class and I was naturally very concerned. I took him to a multitude of doctors, child psychologists, neurological testers, behavioural therapists etc... He was officially diagnosed with ADHD and was put on a well known, widely used drug, which I was very aprehensive about having read many controversial things about the drug as well as being personally opposed to children being dependent on drugs. The drug did have an effect. He did calm down considerably. He also had trouble sleeping. But I saw no real marked difference in his performance at school. He was still way behind in spelling and was assigned a tutor to deal with his learning difficulites. This all had a very negative impact on his self-esteem. He struggled so, but simply wasn't improving. When I became aware of the various positive effects of white powder gold I knew I wanted to try it on Alex as I had been determined to wean him off the drug that had been perscribed, as I was feeling more and more uncomfortable about administering it to him. The results were almost immediate. He has now been taking four drops a day (morning) for almost a year now and the effect has been nothing short of miraculous. He is considerably calmer (not a drugged stupor like with the drug he had been on) and most importantly, he is doing phenomenonly well in school. His spelling, although still difficult, has improved drastically and he received the highest scores in his class on his SAT's science exam. Previously he wasn't interested in reading at all, much to my disappointment, now I can't keep him in books. If before he couldn't sit still long enough to read or focus, he now reads for hours on end. In addition, I present the gold to him as a vitamin, he doesn't suffer the stigma of being dependent on a drug for his intelligence, which is how he felt, despite my protesting the contrary. I also have been giving him fish oils as a supplement, which I have read helps quite a bit as many children's brains lack enough fatty acids to function as they should. The combination is fantastic and has changed our lives.

Jennifer UK

I first heard of David Hudson and then read Laurence Gardiner and decided that if the Egyptian Pharaohs and the ancient Hebrews valued white powder gold so highly then there was no good reason why my old cat and I should not try it for ourselves. I have taken about 10 drops of the suspension supplied by for 6 months every day since early February 2004. The cat gets 2 drops.

I fed wpg to our cat on the basis he has no preconceptions about how to behave. He is 13, and in February was sleeping 23 hours every day without much interest in life any more. He started to cheer up within a day of his first wpg and today looks and behaves as if he is happy and healthy. He has enjoyed the summer and these days we just about only see him inside when he wants to be fed!

I've always considered something has made me generally pretty lucky in life, and that synchronicity has become stronger since I started taking wpg. What I expect comes true unreasonably often. The situation works out in my favour or the answer often pops into my head just when I need it. I have energy when I need it and find I need less sleep. I am calmer and feel more in control of my situation from moment to moment. Nevertheless I've noticed that I now often fall asleep in a few moments if I sit back and relax.

Though some long standing medical problems don't seem to have improved (yet!), many of the aches of middle age have gone. My wife says that my skin looks better and my grey hair has regained some of its colour. Irregular heartbeats are 90% gone. Rheumatism in some of my fingers appears less swollen and aches less.

I'm convinced wpg is a powerful material. I have not noticed any undesirable side effects from it, but have not had any medical tests.

'G from Scotland'

Started taking white powder gold for better energy and focus and it did do that, but to my surprise also my migraines decreased a lot

It was after 2 weeks that I noticed that I haven’t had a head ache for the past week and I have been dialing with this for 20 years, life is great with no head aches and to me it is worth it’s weight in gold not to have migraines and taking 6-9 aspirins in one day to get the migraine under control. I’m not saying that they 100 % gone but the ones I have had are mild 1 or 2 aspirins and it’s gone

I thank the Heavenly Father and you at white powder gold

Boat Designer

Just a note as to a physical response to application of the whitepowder suspension. I am a diabetic of 26 years, and as with most diabetics, occasionally I have a fungus that appears under my nails. It is almost impossible to get rid of. I had been treating a nail on my hand with a solution, and it was not responding, as usual. When I got the gold, I thought, why not put a drop under the nail? I did so. In a few minutes, a white powdery substance had covered the nail tip. I left it there, and forgot it. I also forgot to continue using the fungicide. In a few days, I remembered to look at the nail. The discoloration of the fungus under the nail was lighter in color. That was unusual. In a week now, the fungus is nearly gone. This is very unusual in my experience, and I cannot explain it, of course. Just thought you might want to know, for your information files.

Rev. Dr. ______________