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White Powder Platinum - Customer Testimonials
I have been taking White Powder Platinum for about 2 months now, and it has given me a positive aggression I have never known in my life before. I also think much clearer and have more ready answers for things asked of me. I have increased energy, a more positive frame of mind, and the ability to read faster than previously. I will keep taking it, thank you for bringing us such a product!

C. in Nevada

I had been taking your White Powder Gold for a little over a year. I have switched to the platinum for a time, to test it. I found that it gave me much the same effects as the White Powder Gold, only they were more pronounced. These effects are, more energy, quicker thinking, better coping skills, with less nervousness, and a much broader interest span than usual. I have also noticed that I can now talk with others about politics and such things, when before, it was out of my realm of understanding. It’s great!

Will G.

Concerning the White Powder Platinum I have been testing, I can only say one thing: WOW! Love it!


I would like to report that since I have been taking wpp for approximately six weeks at five drops per day, usually in the mornings, that I have noticed a tremendous difference in my mental capacity. In fact, I have a hard time shutting off my mind which runs with continuous intensity throughout the day with solutions and ideas presenting themselves to me out of nowhere. At times I was skeptical and thought that maybe I was imagining it, but I had an experience last week, which erased all doubt. I train regularly in karate and have been for five years. In that time we are expected to learn a number of sequences of movements called katas. I usually always forget bits and pieces of them, as I am not very good at focusing and tend to look to my neighbor to remind me of the next moves. The other day I forgot to take my wpp in the morning and took it 30 minutes before my training and was dumbfounded to realize that I was doing all of the katas on my own without checking out my neighbor once. Not only did I not confuse them, I was totally focused and felt in full mental control of all of my movements - definitely unusual for me.

In addition, as a writer, I am amazed to realize how I am able to write letters and proposals in one fell process with very little, if no editing afterwards. Words just come to me exactly how I want to say them. This seems to be having a cumulative effect as I continue to take it. I am convinced that my creativity and the quality of my work has improved remarkably.

Lastly, this may sound odd, but my awareness of my electro-magnectic field has increased greatly, it has definitely become more sensitive and I feel it is in some way linked to my thought process being heighten as well. Hard to describe, but not at all an unpleasant sensation; I feel very in tune with myself.

With best regards,

Jennifer UK
It has been about 6 months now, since I began taking White Powder Platinum. I am astounded by the results I am getting. I can think so clearly now. My focus is sharper than I had ever imagined possible, and my meditation is deeper than it has ever been before. I can also feel things that I have never been able to feel before, such as other peoples feelings and I seem to know pretty much what others are thinking, much of the time now. This is not something that I can do at will, or with deliberateness, it comes and goes, but I have hopes of developing control over this wonderful new found ability as well as increasing and intensifying it.

Wilbur - Canada

To whom it may concern;

I am a graduate student, and have been taking your product made from platinum (white powder platinum). I have to say that it has helped me both on my exams, and on daily work that I had at one time, found very difficult. I can concentrate much better, and my focus has improved. I am less distracted by things which happen around me, and can think more efficiently which allows me to comprehend and absorb information more completely. I believe that it is helping me to achieve more, and to benefit more from my education. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I will be a regular customer.

Lisa M, from Atlanta, Georgia