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White Powder Fusion - Customer Testimonials
My 11 year old son has Aspergers Syndrome, which is a high function form of autism. We began to give him White Powder Fusion, at the rate of 4 drops per day, about 1 year ago. Before we began to give him the White Powder Fusion, he was having an autistic melt down at least once a week, and sometimes twice a week, which were so severe that at times, he even had to be hospitalized with them. He hasn't a single melt down now in about 11 months. He has gone from full special ed classes, to full inclusion with all normal classroom with normal kids, in the grade he is supposed to be in, and getting good grades. He also has developed the ability to joke around and think in abstract terms. According to the doctors, he should only be able to think in literal terms, with no ability to understand jokes at all. It also has a real calming effect on him. I would have to say that the White Powder Fusion has improved his life by several hundred percent. He also doesn't get sick as often as he used to.

Melissa, UK

Dear sirs,

I am taking the White Powder Fusion that you make, and it is awesome! I feel good, think clearly, and wake up without an alarm clock in the morning now (something that would have never happened before). I am on my 6th bottle of it, and will continue to take it. I have a business which is very high stress. I am now, thanks to your product, much calmer, with the ability to cope with stressful situations better than ever, and I think much quicker, thus able to deal with customers much better. I am so sharp minded that it is amazing. Please accept my thanks for your great work and your incomparable products.

Cecil G - Bowling Green, Ohio

Thank you for your hard work and diligence in making the White Powder Fusion. It has been about 10 months since I began my regimen of it, and I am very pleased with the results. My health has greatly improved. My type 2 diabetes is almost gone, the pain I once suffered with severe arthritis is now only a memory, my blood pressure has pretty much stabilized, I have endless energy, I can finally sleep all night, and I don't catch everything that I am exposed to anymore. Also, most of the gray in my hair has left, and a small tumor that was being watched in my breast seems to have disappeared. They couldn't even find it in my last mammogram. In addition, I feel like I can read faster, and I understand things I never did before about certain subjects when people are talking about them (politics, financial, stock market, etc.).

Marie L. - Omaha, Nebraska

White Powder Fusion has given me the ability to know what many people are going to say, before they say it. I am very excited and anxious to see what else develops, it has only been 2 1/2 months. I feel great too!

Bob D, Minneapolis, MN